The Difference Between Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

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With cancer still being one among the leading killer diseases of the day, various treatments are used to suppress the disease. The administration of a certain treatment depends on what type of cancer a person has, how advanced the cancer is, the overall health and preferences of the patient. 

There are too many types of cancer. Fortunately, some of them can be prevented through leading a healthy lifestyle. Immunisation is another way of preventing certain cancers.

Some cancer patients can have a single treatment while others have combined treatments, for instance, surgery with radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy. 

Another option can be clinical therapies. A multidisciplinary team (different kinds of doctors) frequently work hand in hand to come up with a strategy, which integrates different types of treatments for a patient. 

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are seen to be among the most effective as well as common cancer treatments that doctors recommend. Most people do not know the difference between radiotherapy and chemotherapy, specifically those who have never been treated using either of the two.

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