Required Postings (Signs)

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The required postings are mandatory in the places where radiation based jobs are being carried out. The different signs and posters are there for different type of radiation.  The signs and posters should not be placed unsuitable places which leads to potential harm to unknown people or patients if enter in that area.

The required postings in the department of radiotherapy, radiology and nuclear medicine should be placed by the Radiological Safety Officer (RSO). Wherever it is needed directions also should mention to prevent the unauthorized access to the radiation source. These posters will guide and alert the people what to do in that area.  The required postings for different types of energy and others mentioned below,

 The radiation source using places for treatment, diagnostic and research purpose should be paste the below mentioned placard in the entrance of the door for safety of other people. The places are radiotherapy, nuclear-medicine etc.

The required posting for x-ray source usage area is mentioned below. Usually x-rays are used for the diagnostic, radiotherapy treatment, and other areas of interest.

Each and every hospital and diagnostic centers should use the appropriate symbols and posters to guide the patient and other non-radiation workers in that hospital. The Radiological Safety Officer in the hospital or diagnostic centre or research institutes should implement awareness regarding the radiation safety to the non-radiation workers in the particular institution. In that should discuss do’s and don’ts when they are approaching the radiation area. This will help to others indirectly in the radiation protection point of view.

The required packaging Symbols should be use during the transport of radiation source from one place to another place. The required symbols are shown below for better understanding. At any point time misuse of this symbol is an offense under the act of the government. The transport symbol for radiation source or generating equipment is mentioned below.


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