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Safety procedures is necessary one implementing in the places the radiation are used for treatment or research purposes. The person responsible for implementing the safety procedures is Radiological Safety Officer (RSO) in the hospitals. The RSO should instruct the radiation workers in following the safety procedures in all the works involving the radiation sources or radiation generating equipment. The standard safety procedures is also given by the country’s Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (India) RSO should follow those procedures only. If anything wants to implement newly means the permission of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board is required. After their permission only that procedure can successfully implement in the treatment procedure.

Safety procedures in External and Brachytherapy:

A. Radiation worker who is working in the radiation working in radiation department, when he or she is doing their work should wear Thermoluminescant Dosimeter (TLD) for the safety purpose of the radiation worker.

B. Before treating the patient every day the radiation therapist should checks machine condition. Should see the appropriate temperature, pressure in the treatment room.

C. Warm-up for the machine should be given to the machine daily to check the machine condition.

D. The output and quality index of the machine should be checked daily by the radiation physicist for avoiding the overdose and under dosage of the patient.

E. Quality control procedures for the machine should be done daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to maintain the quality of the treatment.

F. In brachytherapy, the source position accuracy check should be done periodically most probably weekly.

G. All the radiation safety devices and equipment in the treatment room and also in the department should be in the working condition.

H. The condition of the radiation safety instruments should be maintained by the RSO.

I. Radiation safety committee should be frame in the hospitals where the radiation works are going on. This committee should review the radiation safety of the public and patients and other non-radiation workers in the hospital.

J. RSO of the institution should implement awareness programme in the hospital to provide the information and safety features of the department.


1. Who is the person responsible for the safety works in the hospitals?

a)Radiation oncologist

b) Radiation therapist

c) The director of the institution

d) Radiological Safety Officer


d) Radiological Safety Officer.




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