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You may feel like you already know what you are good at, but most people don’t “actually” know. Don’t worry you don’t actually need to read the book but you do need to take the 30 minute assessment.

A team of data scientists as well as positive psychologists have developed a validated tool called StrenghtFinder.  The tool helps people reveals and helps people to develop their natural talents.

The basic idea behind StrengthFinder is that everyone has natural talents as well as weaknesses.  StrengthFinder has validated the idea that we can get farther in life by focusing on developing our natural strengths rather than work on our weaknesses.

StrengthFinder lists 34 potential strengths. After taking the assessment, you will get to see and learn about your top 5 strengths. The assessment provides you in-depth information as well as suggestions on using your strengths in your life and at work.

The assessment takes around 30 minutes and consists of almost 200 questions. You answer questions using a scale based on what immediately comes to mind. If you take too long the question is replaced.

It’s interesting to reflect on what your strengths reveal about you. The results may be eye opening. You may be surprised with what you might hear. Feelings may also re-emerge in you.

The assessment comes with an action planner. Thinking about your top strengths allows you to understand which values are important in your life and how you can take action to better incorporate your natural strengths into your life.

Home > Student Resource Center > Strengthfinder_2.0

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StrengthsFinder 2.0