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Machine operation is the significant role in all the fields.  In radiotherapy also it’s important because here small mistakes make big impact in the treatment.  However, a few errors are always there in machine operation like setup, digital indication errors etc.  In order to rule out those errors advance technology machines are introduced and some are in research process.

Machine operation Radiotherapy:

    Machine operation in radiotherapy is different for different machines.

Operations in Teletherapy,

1.    Patient positing is one of the major were the errors occur. These errors indirectly related to the machine operation. If, radiation therapist doesn’t operate the machine of set the patient in exact position means errors will come, inevitably leads incorrect treatment.

2.    In teletherapy machines such as Cobalt-60 based or Linear Accelerators are fully computerized to avoid the manual errors during the operation of the machine.

3.    In fully computerized setup, the fully trained person or experienced person only will allow to work to avoid the treatment errors.

4.    Possible errors while operating the machines in teletherapy.
a)    Wrongly entering the treatment time or monitor unit for the treatment.
b)    Neglecting the warning signs displayed by the system will also lead to expectable errors.
c)    Routine monitoring the patient through CCTV is also very crucial one.
5.    When we are setting the machine parameters (collimator angle, gantry angle, couch lateral movements) misplacing of these values lead to drastic errors in the treatment.
Possible errors in Brachytherapy:

1.    When compared to teletherapy, brachytherapy is less prone to an error that is also important to mind it.
2.    When inserting the catheters from the machine to patient, there is a chance placing in a wrong channel.
3.   In computerized brachytherapy system radiation therapist may be do one error. Suppose if two patients name is similar he/she should conform first verbally to the patient. If, he/she fails to does that lead to severe impact on the patient.

Overall the machine performance and its operation are in the hand of radiation therapist, because they are routinely working in that machine they are know very well others about the complications and errors in setups. So they should care those in mind to eradicate the incorrect treatment in radiotherapy.


1.    What are the people required for successful run of the machine?
a)    Radiation Therapist
b)    Medical Physicist
c)    Dosimetrist
d)    All is correct

Answer :

d)  All is correct.




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