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Two-way voice communication system is that during the treatment it helps to communicate between the patient and Radiation Therapist. With the help of two way voice communication patient and Radiation therapist or Radiation therapist and patient can communicate at instant of treatment period.

Two well-known, two-way voice communications are Audio-visual communication system and phone to phone communication system.

Audio-Visual Communication System:
Now a day in all radiotherapy centres are established with audio-visual communication system. Through this therapist can easily communicate with the patient under the ordinary as well as emergency situations. Audio-visual communication very useful in Telecoblat machines than others, because in Telecoblat machines often we can face the source struck in between the off and on position or fails to return back to off position stays in on position.  In such type of emergency situations through audio visual communication system we can communicate with the patient to come out immediately. This is helps to reduce the unwanted exposure to radiation therapist at that time.

Phone to Phone Communication System:
    This is an alternative system used in 1980’s for the LDR systems. At that time Audio-visual communication system is not so popular. So that they used in LDR setup’s phone to phone communication system. Because in LDR treatment sometimes the treatment time go up to hours to days also, for that purpose this system was introduced. If the patient has any complications during the treatment they can contact the therapist immediately using the phone to phone communication.

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