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Patient Monitoring Systems (PMS) has been widely used in all radiotherapy centers. PMS brought to strict in regulations after faced a lot of discrepancies in the treatment.  Different types of patient monitoring systems are in use.
They are listed below

1.    Direct visual system

2.    Indirect visual system

3.    Two-way voice communication system

The above mentioned systems are widely till in use for monitoring the patients during the time of treatment. Because of the movements and other issues during the treatment impose a bad impact on the patient.

Direct visual System:
    Direct visual is a one way of patient monitoring system. This system has been used in the olden days, at the time there is no advanced communication and other way of patient monitoring system. The direct visual system is useful in monitoring the patient during the radiation treatment.  
Indirect visual system:

    Indirect visual monitoring system is a type of patient monitoring system widely using till now in the radiotherapy.   Time at which the radiation was started as treatment for cancer direct visual communication used widely (Lead window type).  Later on the emergent of indirect visual patient monitoring systems slowly removed the usage of direct visual system by its unique advantage.

Two-way communication system:
    Two-way voice communication system is that during the treatment it helps to communicate between the patient and Radiation Therapist. With the help of two way voice communication patient and Radiation therapist or Radiation therapist and patient can communicate at instant of treatment period.

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