Radiation Therapy Review

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The radiation-therapy-review.com website saves you time as you efficiently study for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist Examination in Radiation Therapy.

The radiation-therapy-review.com website provides value by clearly focusing your attention on topics that are directly related to the examination.

As we begin our exploration of this topic, we would ask that you take one specific action; which is, to find the content specification as well as printed out.  Please open your web browser. Navigate to Google.com or your favorite search engine like Yahoo.com.

Once you have a search bar type: American Registry of Radiologic Technologist content specification.  Now navigate to the ARRT Content Specification for the Radiation Therapy Examination. Please make sure that you have identified the current content specification. The current content specification has an implementation date of January 2014. We have made things easy for you by including a hyperlink above to the content specification into PDF format.

Downloaded the content specification now and printed out!

The reason we are stressing the importance of your downloading the content specification is that it contains detailed information on the topics which will make up the examination.  We suggest that you print the content specification since you can use this document as a road map to assist you in your study.

There are five main content areas which make up the examination. These areas are:

  • Radiation Protection and Quality Assurance
  • Clinical Concepts in Radiation Oncology
  • Treatment Planning
  • Treatment Delivery
  • Patient Care and Education

The front page of the content specification contains information on the number of test questions appearing in each category along with their percentage of the test.

The following pages of the content specification contain a detailed overview of examination sub-topics which make up each main content area. This website is organized as per the content specification to allow you to review all content areas.

We hope that you will enjoy the material as much as we have enjoyed preparing the contents.

Our objective here is to share our time and knowledge and service to humanity.  While our intention here is to share our time and knowledge, we certainly are not perfect. We invite you submit material using the Contents 2.0 invitations in an effort to improve the makeup of this website.

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